Makarska is located in central Dalmatia, at the foothill of Biokovo and on the Adriatic Sea coast 60 kilometers from Split and 150 km from Dubrovnik. It is the center of Makarska Riviera, micro-region that stretches from Brela on the west to Gradac on the east. It has 13,716 inhabitants.

Thanks to its natural position Makarska is the ideal starting point for a variety of excursion programs and destinations such as:

  • Split
  • Dubrovnik
  • Hvar
  • Brač
  • Korčula
  • Međugorje
  • Slapovi Krke
  • Mostar i sl.

Historically Makarska has always been an attractive location, so it came under Turkish, Venetian, Habsburg, and later Napoleon's authority, which has encouraged the development of culture and transport links, while the development of tourism can be accredited to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Numerous cultural monuments from different historical periods witness the turbulent history of Dalmatia.

Mild climate, characteristic for Makarska, allows the duration of bathing season from May to October. According to Koeppen classification Makarska has a Mediterranean climate, the annual mean values ​​of the most important parameters are shown in the table below.


Annual avarage

Air temperature 17,3 °C ( Coldest in February 9.2°C, warmest in August 26.4°C. )
Sea temperature 17°C
Relative humidity 60%
Air pressure 1010 hPa
Insolation 2700 h (7,5 h daily)

Also Makarska is characterized by clean and preserved environment, clean air and sea of excellent quality which is confirmed by continuous testing of the competent Institutes. Large areas of pine forests and Mediterranean plants, natural beauty and numerous beaches make Makarska one of the most desirable destinations on the Adriatic. Yet the sea, tourist and entertainment facilities are not all that it has to offer. The mountain Biokovo is one of 11 nature parks in Croatia, and reaches 1762 m above sea level. It is interesting both for its cultural (St. George’s Church, archeological sites etc.) and natural (botanical gardens, wildlife etc.) characteristics, and by facilities for active recreation (parasailing, free climbing, trekking, hiking, mountain biking, Nordic walking, etc.).

*Fotos: Tourist board of City of Makarska