Diathermy (TECAR)

Diathermy with capacitive and resistive energy transfer or TECAR therapy is an innovative treatment in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. It is used in the treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal pathology. TECAR therapy, i.e. diathermy with capacitive and resistive mode of operation, is carried out via applicators or electrodes, which bring energy directly to the place where therapeutic action is needed. Energy in the tissue is produced by the exchange of electrical charges, which results in the generation of heat. The gradual increase in temperature in the tissue accelerates the body's natural mechanisms in the affected area, affecting: the inflammatory process, edema and pain; improves oxygen transport from peripheral arterial blood vessels to tissues; helps increase oxygen reserves in muscle tissue; accelerates the activity of chemical inflammatory mediators involved in the inflammatory process and has a positive effect on the immune system, both at the tissue and blood level, and also accelerates the activity of tissue enzymes involved in the recovery of muscle tissue after the exercise process.