Hiro TT

A therapeutic method applied by means of a high-intensity pulse laser for the treatment of deep-seated muscle-tendon and joint pathological conditions caused by trauma and/or degenerative changes. Coherent, monochromatic laser light strongly stimulates, heals and regenerates tissue. The output power of the High Intensity Laser is on average 30-50 times higher compared to conventional "cold" therapeutic lasers, and another specificity is that it has an unlimited depth of tissue penetration. This enables the High Intensity Laser to stimulate and treat pain points anywhere in the body. By using a pulsed laser with a wavelength of about 1000 nm, photomechanical waves are created in the subcutaneous tissue that block the sensation of pain and immediately remove painful conditions. This therapy achieves a reduction in pain, improves the supply of nutrients and resorption of accumulated fluid, reduces joint inflammation and stimulates the renewal of joint cartilage. HILT is the only therapeutic treatment that successfully stimulates the regeneration of articular cartilage.