Magnetic induction

In addition to quickly and effectively reducing the inflammation of painful tissue, the device is used to increase muscle tone, improve circulation and activate the process of faster recovery. The human body conducts magnetic waves well because the ions in the cells have the same charge as the cell membranes. The cell membrane charge in normal healthy human cells must be higher than in diseased, aged cells, bacteria and viruses. When the cell membrane charge is low, the cell cannot function normally and healthily. Therefore, electromagnet therapy creates a field that increases energy in cells and optimizes their function. Electromagnetic waves pass through cells, tissue, organs and bones, and activate electrochemical processes in the tissue, i.e. improve the functioning of cells and their membranes. Indications: carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, patellar tendonitis, accelerates fracture healing and regeneration of the nervous system.